2016 / 17 –                                                                                A European Identity Crisis –                                                                                  and Ways out of it



(Dis-) Integration      +       (Mis-) Information    =

Irritation x                        +       (Dis-) orientation x    =       Terrorism (?)






1. Lone Wolves?

2. “Truth” and Trust   

3. Nets and Gaps    

4. The Climate and the Weather  

4.1 The Climate and the Weather (2)      

5. “eternal War” and continuous slump or -    

5.1 “eternal War” and Continuous Slump or – (2)        

6. – Glimpses of Hope and “jubilee Years”? 

6.1 – Glimpses of Hope and “Jubilee Years”?  (2)

7. Strategies and Perspectives - Towards founding
Corner Posts for Building a New (european) House

7.1 Global Haircut on Debt and Ways Towards that and How to Move on Then                                                                              

7.2 New Formation of Social Security Systems  

7.3 Integration and Rebuilding  

7.4 Climate Change, “Energy transition” and Adaption to Local Conditions 

7.5 Further Conclusions -  War and Peace 1  

7.6 Further Conclusions -  Peace and War 2 

7.7 Epilog









1. Lone Wolves?


„I plunk everything, my life, […] me, an aging man. Reacting in a different way on your World than croaking or by the Steppenwolf would in my eyes be betrayal of everything, what is sacred.“ 

Entry of the then almost 50-year old Hermann Hesse into his diary in 1927, shortly before The Steppenwolf was edited.


Earlier than expected by many people bad forecasts take a grip on the “most powerful country” in Central Europe:
The “War on terror” strikes back!


The terror attack at Munich on Friday, July 22nd intimidated many people in Germany.

German mass media are irritated – TV commentators themselves seem to be frightened to the max. The TV reports therein first contain lots of speculations – three or more perpetrators still on the run is said initially. Even more tension and hysteria in the public are created that way. Reporters urge cool and smart police spokesmen about their prognosis, their suspicious facts. The only professional that evening on state TV – news seems to be the press officer of Munich police forces.


Germany – a bubble of well-being – a country of more than 80 Million national team chefs, so far “a safe haven” in the “clash of civilizations”- the “always booming  economy” - a country, which because of that claims leadership in the EU.
Germany – the “hardliner” enforcing “austerity” on “the Old Continent”.
Germany – the homeland of last autumn’s “welcome culture” - finally facing the refugees as a “crisis”, with that particularly Greece and Italy were left alone for more than a decade.
“Germany is not dancing on the volcano; it is asleep on it.” – as Jürgen Habermas names it in August 2013 – in the run-up to the elections for the Bundestag then in September that year.


In a definition of “terrorism” in the German Wikipedia is written:

“Terrorism isn’t a military, but mostly a communication strategy."

Thus – what’s going wrong -
not only in Hamlet’s State of Denmark?


At the end of the day – some days after the Munich attack investigations are concluding: the single perpetrator was an 18-year old German-Iranian guy, who grew up in Germany and planned his “amok-run” for about a year. Somebody, who also was sympathizing with “Neo-Nazi thoughts” and who even might have “liked” the Norwegian mass murder Anders Behring Breivik, who did his fatal crime exactly 5 years before the Munich attack. Just - Breivik killed 77 humans on July 22nd, 2011 and survived. He can even still spread his poison – the media sharing sick thoughts of his from the courtroom and even make big headlines from them.

Here at Munich it’s “only” all about the murder of 9 humans, who had the bad luck to be at the wrong time at the wrong place – dying there together with their murderer David S.


A lone wolf? At least – a teenager – perhaps even still just – half a kid. An adolescent with a Shia background, thus – not related to the Sunni IS.
A “Neo-Nazi”? Perhaps. At least – a lost soul – a poisoned mind.
Poisoned by the worst and most evil thoughts.
The perpetrators from Ansbach – a Syrian refugee and the Afghan guy, who tried to hack some people in a train at Würzburg with an axe – some more “lost souls” – “poisoned minds”?
And – the perpetrator from Nice on French National Day, July 14th, the “so far inconspicuous” young man from Tunisia, who according to Heiner Flassbeck with his “senseless killings, with his terrible and frightening deed showed, what he can do and what he thinks of this French Republic and the values (embodied in that) of the Enlightenment – Freedom, Equality, Brotherhood.”

And all the other “terrorists”, who have “accomplished their mission” last year in France and Belgium – countries, which are “targeted in the crosslines” since some longer?

Angry young men – lone wolves – amok runners – or -
what is it all about – “terrorism”?








2. “Truth” and Trust


“You have to hurry, if you still want to see something. Everything is disappearing “ – Paul Cezanne said around the transition from the 19th to the 20th century.
Paul Virilio, the great French cultural theorist, urbanist and "philosopher of speed" put that quote in front of his “Aesthetics of Disappearance” in 1991. In another book from that year  – “L'écran du désert. Chroniques de guerre“  - the German translation got the title “War and TV” Virilio called the 1991 Gulf War a 'world war in miniature'.


“Truth” is a multilayered thing. It’s an artificial structure.
“Reality” is a construction of the human mind – thus: our imagination. And – it’s made up by the perception of other humans.
Communication” is the basis for a “relationship” between sender and receiver of “information” – in this sense – of always newly constructed “Reality”. Generally said, shifting to a bigger scale - communication is the link – the relationship between those individuals or groups in a community or – a society, who are holding the power for constructing “Reality” and those, who perceive it.
Contradicting Marshall Mcluhan in that sense that means:
it’s not the medium itself, that IS the message but the sender, who possesses the message and that way is enabled to control its perception.

The sender, who is enabled to control – and – to gain and increase (economic) power – and to (intentionally) manipulate the message in terms of its perception. Thus – is information a human right – or – is it just an economic good – to be bought and sold on markets?

And – who possesses and controls it?


As the upper layers of “Reality” are already fragmented into thousands – uncountable numbers of pieces – what is “Truth” then?
Are the fragments splintered pieces – regarding their own immanent information not containing the least trace of links or connections – of joints and points of reference?  Or – is there a kind of matrix, where we’re enabled to find drops in the ocean and possibilities for tracing them back to their origins – their sources – their common patterns? Enabling us that way to create images – to evoke well-known fractal structures in our minds then? Structures – constructions to be approved then soon by the collective memory of that place or the other?


But – there’s also a common saying - “Truth” is the first thing to die in wartimes.
Thus – what’s (in-)forming – and what’s confusing whose mind ?
What’s the margin of human reactions to the observation, that it’s hard to find the layers of “Reality” behind – or – beyond – or – underneath or besides the upper layers? The upper layers controlled – shaped and – perhaps also – deformed or – even manipulated by those, who own the “medium” – and the means for doing so?


And – in whom or what can we trust then?







3. Nets and Gaps


“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.“ –

Søren Kierkegaard – first half of the 19th century.


Communication in any sense is organized and spread in and via multiple kinds of networks. People “share” information.
“Sharing is caring”.
For whom or what primarily?
Some get paid for “sharing and caring” – giving information of any kind – some aren’t paid at all for that – some are even prosecuted and punished for that.


When some Arab guys, who just had learnt to fly little aircrafts in Florida and – as an Israeli “intelligent service” already had reported to US authorities in April 2001 just “weren’t interested at all into learning how to land an aircraft” – when these miserable pilots were supposed to steer two aircrafts into NYC’s wTC Twin Towers on September 11th, 2001 billions of people were watching that event live on flat surfaces – computer and TV screens all around the world. Most people were frightened and shocked, when the high risers soon then collapsed.
Later then that day, when another high riser there - World Trade Center 7 collapsed a certain “adaption and dulling effect” already had taken place.
The supposed aircraft, which hit the Pentagon – exactly that wing, where the results of the ongoing investigation into the 2 trillion (1012!) Dollar hole in the “US defense budget” were stored – most people soon forgot about that event.
The images of the Twin Towers were just strong enough.


My daughter was born on September 30th, 2001 then. I was worried.
Like most other humans these days I was kind of paralyzed by shock.
The slump soon following then in the housing and planning branch – my project died, laid off – not the best time for starting a new architectural office. After some months I got a job in an engineering office for fire protection. Stayed there until autumn 2008. When the boss started “global” – international projects it became weirder and weirder.


Who’s actually “running” so called “globalization” these days?
Who’s ruling so called “global markets”?
I mean - there have been many wars amongst different cultures – different emperors “in history” everywhere – of course. But – trade and exchange of material goods and ideas has always been the smarter conclusion after all.


When in 2012 I first met a man in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, who in the meantime had become a “South-Asian cousin” of mine he started our first talk with a smart castling: “What do you think - since when are we ruled by imbeciles?” – he asked the new arrival. After a short laughter I immediately saved the own queen and replied: “Well – since so called “globalization” was handled between Wyoming (Dick Cheney’s electoral ward) and a ranch in Texas (meaning George W. Bush’s Crawford-Ranch there) for quite some time I suppose, this is pretty evident these days.”   


Is it? Perhaps still too little. But – how to trigger, that more people realize, that the expenses for "The Emperor's New Clothes" are just making us – ordinary Joes next door of any color and any gender and any belief or non-belief naked – but – not at all the so called “elites” profiting from that and – that this is an ongoing “bad game”?


An open space – “Maidan” in Kabul’s war-torn Old Town with mostly “unclear” land ownership rights in 2009         © Stefan Frischauf



In summer 2008 in that engineering office for fire protection they needed someone to go to Kabul for accepting the new built staff’s residential building on the campus of the German embassy there.


It was already quite confusing to land for a stop over at Dubai – not seeing any solar collectors there at all. Peak-oil and the short sighted dream of “oil to be available eternally”? Global warming? Who cares?
Frozen formalism, poured in concrete and glass. Lacking any social vision. Not the least attempt to answer decisive questions readable – how to organize – and design a “global society” and our cohabitation in a new city like that in a “sustainable and future-proof way”.
Taxi drivers – mostly coming from Central- and South Asia informed me about strikes on the building sites – mostly initiated by (slave) laborers from their region – the majorities there.
It was shortly before the “Subprime Crisis” happened and Lehman Brothers and much more collapsed.


In Kabul then I soon had the fatal thought, that they definitely needed experienced architects, who were able to combine urban planning and urban history, building law and engineering sciences for shifting things towards a proper reconstruction and “sustainable development process”. Thus I took the risk of leaving my “engineering sweatshop” job.

In February 2009 I started my new job – working for a British-American “Non-Governmental Organization” at Kabul. Soon I was leading a “regeneration project” for part of the Old Town of the Afghan capital. In the course of the most ambitious project I joint the subjects urban planning – a cultural-historically based continuous rebuilding process, “sustainable urban water management” as a decentralized “Low-Tech pilot project“ and installation of rudimentary building laws for negotiating and mediating between strong private interests (landlords = potential “warlords”) and weak community / welfare interests.


The biggest human and professional challenge of my life so far – and the most painful failure. Because there was – and there still is no real will power for stabilizing – or even – for building up the country tortured by state bankruptcy, decline and war.
This will power could never really emerge.
And – that’s not the failure of the Afghan peoples – the people from Afghanistan.
Not at all.







4. The Climate and the Weather


“When the rooster carks from top of the muck hill the weather might change –
or it might just stay the way it is.”

German popular wisdom


It was the first time since about 20 years, that I stayed for some longer in the Southern hemisphere of our planet. One and a half years at the Hindu Kush.
And – I was shocked, how wasted the world had become – how much environmental pollution and destruction of our living spaces had increased. Everywhere. And – no capacity – no will for changing that at all.


Isn’t the Global climate just an enormous data pool of local Weather phenomena collected and evaluated over time?


In an amazing article Will Denayer makes a difference to other reports regarding climate change by looking at the far bigger picture: Will analyzes the things in between (macro-) economics, global climate and environmental data as an act of summing up local weather phenomena and their impact on planet A (the earth as our host - thus - on us) and (real or rather - surreal?) politics. And - he names the "(neo-) Conservative Revolution" as one of the main reasons for the fact, that we are that far off really starting to fight the anthropogenic parts accelerating the speed of climate change - and the destruction of the livelihood of 7+ billion humans and the diversity of species on earth.


If it is really a kind of "true false leadership" in environments, ruled by “(neo-) conservatives”, mainly causing that blockade of (re-) acting on urgent necessities - what does that mean for a "progressive opposition"?
A "progressive opposition"
to be built up - also in consideration of 2017 - elections in the two major countries in Central Europe - France and Germany?
Thus – also with regard to common intersections amongst “red” and “green” – “left” and “social democratic” subjects? Because - "the widening gap between rich and poor" and austerity – “War against terror” – fighting poverty or  - fighting against poor people and other failed recipes, which are still proceeded “without any alternative” – who is primarily responsible for that? And – aren’t there any “alternatives” at all?


In the second part of “How climate change is rapidly taking the planet apart. Part 2: amplifying feedbacks, divestment” Will Denayer sums up “human-forced global warming” at many locations on planet Earth “speeding up in feed-back loops” in an even more impressive - and drastic way.
“Imagine that, as by miracle, humanity stops emitting CO2 into the atmosphere tomorrow, the direct effects of past emissions will take 40 years to come to fruition: there will be no visible effect until 2056 – CO2 emissions will continue to rise.”


All my personal field studies – my failures in project development pushing forward systematic sustainable perspectives confirm the data, Will Denayer is putting together. There is not the least will for acting in a way, that might be called “building up perspectives for us – 7+ billions and planet earth”.
Instead of doing the most essential things we might rather speak of a “surrender of our economies to venture capital – done by ourselves – thus – irresponsible and overloaded leaders – ‘elites’”.
A system running amok in ‘frantic stagnation’
“Turning the world into a desert”.


And voters, citizens, taxpayers, “ordinary Joes next door” everywhere in what before was called the “first world” – “the West”?

“When you return from Afghanistan to ‘the West’ nothing can still be the way it was.”


Kabul river in 2009. Locals call it “the biggest latrine” in the fastest growing city in Central Asia with its dramatically sunken water table and its destroyed public infrastructure after the state bankruptcy 1955 and now 34 years of war and insecurity – thus – degeneration and neglect.                                                                                                                                          © Stefan Frischauf

Part of the Rhine River Promenade at Düsseldorf. An urban intervention from the 1990s, which cured one of the city’s most tragic “wounds from WW 2”. Without public water legislation from the early 1970s this would have been impossible.      © Stefan Frischauf




In June 2014 a “cyclone-like hurricane” whirled through the region and hit particularly the around 600.000 inhabitants’ city located in the marshlands of the Lower Rhine hard. The storm – in general also called a “winter storm” killed three citizens and destroyed about 35.000 trees in the streets, parks and gardens just in the city of Düsseldorf. Many of those were old flourishing broadleaf trees – but – also conifers couldn’t resist this “completely untypical event”. The new city authorities – run by a “red-green-yellow Jamaica-coalition” and other initiatives like the “tree huggers” etc. – as much as I know no one officially related the storm “Ela” and the eve of destruction it caused to “Climate Change”.
No sufficient “scientific evidence”?


A columnist of US-American origin once ridiculed at Zeit-online, that there weren’t any “whistleblowers” in Germany. No wonder.


Roberto Saviano, the famous writer of “Gomorrha” and other ambitious and courageous (Anti-) Mafia investigations from Naples once stated, that “Germans weren’t able to build up a Mafia-organization of their own”.
Is it also, because in Germany “traditionally in the 20th century” the state itself in a deep“ crisis”
tended to organize itself in such a way?
Or – are we already living in “the second Berlin-based Republic following the Third Reich”?
With other words: who’s mostly interested into hiding the fact, that not only the “Brexit” is another “Black Friday” – as Heiner Flassbeck says it - but  - the whole “system” is just completely corroded and – the “administrators” just want to get us used to “Black Fridays” – a continuous decline?


To return to “German Post-heroic democrazy” and the Mafia-phenomenon” – when in August 2007 some young men from Calabria’s Ndrangheta were killed in a fight of rivaling clans at Duisburg here some penny press mass media titled – “The Mafia in Germany!!!!!” as if that was something completely new.

I had witnessed the first delivery of the “pizzo” – “protection money” to a German courier in a pizza-shop close to Düsseldorf Central station in late summer 1991.  After the “courier’s short visit” ended and he was picked up again by the same red Mercedes that had brought him there I heard the words of a waiter with a deep Sicilian accent: “They are asking for too much!” – addressed to his colleague. Two weeks later I passed by there and the pizza-shop was completely burnt out.


One of Roberto Saviano’s main initial thesis in “Gomorrha” is, that the first corporations, which were founded after the “Iron Curtain” fell between Western and Eastern Europe were actually Mafia corporations.

At least the borders between “good bright” and “twilight business” apparently disappeared. 


We are held in bubbles of “market-conformism”.
The press sells their product according to the guideline: “Let the reader today recover from yesterday’s bad news by making him cheer with many ‘hoorays!’ so that tomorrow he definitely knows for sure again, where the enemy is located!”
The permanent creation of hysteria – the continuous “mind-blowing”  - some are speaking of “brainwash of overloaded “receivers” helps eliminating many deeper analytic thoughts – author iDog’s “Alzheimer-Doctrine”.


The other state powers, which actually should be separated act in similar ways: In the Neo-feudal State “there is no such thing as society” – we are receivers and consumers and we dare not think too much about things. Then we easily are marginalized and condemned in the Medieval way – we’ll be kept waiting outside the high defense walls of the principal’s – the “elite’s” fortress until we starve.


Just – how to teach your children, that “education” and “life-long-learning” really brings you further in life?

“Life is beautiful” – as Roberto Benigni says it.








5. “eternal War” and continuous slump or -


“The theory defines, what we are enabled to observe.”
Albert Einstein


“…though the towers once were designed for withstanding the impact of a fully tanked Boeing 707 – at that time the biggest aircraft carrier in the world. Together with all increased safety factors that also meant, that the tower’s structure would withstand more than one of these airplanes crashing into them. And – those Boeing 767s now hitting the two towers were supposed to be replacing the Boeing 707.

But – after all – people would completely forget about the third building collapsing there at Downtown Manhattan that day – World Trade Center 7, which never got touched by an airplane – and just passed away like that that very strange day – inflamed by “office fires” and then collapsing in free fall speed just like that – molten steel or some other strange construction material, that behaved in a way never observed before under the impact of sudden flash overs of “office fires” of a kind, the world never had seen until that day happened. “


When I was working in Kabul’s Old Town in summer 2009 there sometimes 9 -12 drones per day flew above me.
The Pakistani district of Swat valley - „the Switzerland of the east" was under control of the Taliban at that time. 

I didn’t know anything about drones as unmanned lethal weapons steered by remote control yet. The quantity of strange “jets” crossing the Kabul air space at low level going straight to the East these days was somehow embarrassing. And – these “jets” didn’t seem to come from Bagram Airbase North of Kabul.


Today we know much more about “the Drone War”. Still we don’t know too much about the “Collateral Damage” caused by that: the numbers of civilians – people, who just want to live a safe life for them and their family, who were killed by these unmanned lethal ambushes. Still we don’t know too much about the numbers of “new terrorists” to be “created by the robot killing machines” in the “War against terror”. But – as with Julian Assange’s, Chelsea Mannings’ and WikiLeaks’ or Edward Snowden’s publications and much other information – more and more people sense, that “something’s going completely into the wrong direction”. And - we do know other things – e.g. Ramstein Airbase here in Germany being an essential hub for “the Drone War” in the “Middle East” - our “Near East”.  Permanently putting out fire with gasoline and feeding the military-industrial complex – blowing it up to a permanent (Proxy-) War Machine.

The “War against terror” has started almost 15 years ago and has brought much more terror and insecurity on planet Earth. With "NATO-Alarm", starting on September 12th, 2001 we here in Europe are in midst of it.


“…the houses seemed on fire. Particularly from the tower, which was hit first by an aircraft carrier a huge cloud of dark greyish black smoke covered the sky above the city. But this black cloud waved like a flag on the levels, where the towers had got hit. In the gorges in Downtown Manhattan the bright morning sun still let the high risers cast their long shadows and the pedestrians’ horizon there still glowed in an apparently endless friendly light blue.
Black smoke – fires lacking oxygen – almost suffocated – extinguished.
Underneath the black flag the towers’ façades reflected the bright morning sun. A silver gleam of light on the huge square flagpoles.
All of a sudden a bright flash right underneath the black flag there at a corner of the Southern pole – a booming, blaring, clanging, roaring sound - a white cloud pulling down the black flag – down into the streets – down on earth, where paralyzed pedestrians run for their lives – covered by debris, papers, gypsum – throwing the pulverized debris all over the city – all over the planet. Momentary lapses – instants – winks – points of fragmented time – rolling all over all surfaces – ourselves in midst of the turmoil – sooner or later – anyway.”


The so called “Subprime Crisis” in 2008 was a very loud and noisy event. The crash and its echoes could be sensed and heard at many places – you might even say – everywhere. The Spanish housing bubble, Ireland, Iceland and other bank crashes – the domino effect hit many economies – and the people therein hard. Greece and Portugal – Italy – recently the “Brexit” – one needs to be very “unilateral” for pretending, that the “crisis” hasn’t become more or less something like a continuous slump. Particularly for the ordinary Joes everywhere.


Many things these days rather happen in a very sophisticated and hidden – a kind of “undercover” way. And – in autumn 2008 it was evident, that Bush and the Republicans would loose the White House to the Democrats and Obama. Perhaps they at least let the Lehman crash happen for leaving some more “dead bodies” in the basement for the new host there at the White House?
One never knows.






When in spring 2011 the Chinese housing bubble started to crash, things happened in a much more “discrete” way again. The  number of 64 million new built empty flats at that time – I got it from a Boston based urban planner’s blog, who posted a video of an Australian TV team about that. A man, who was also in the advisory staff for President Obama.    

As China’s growth particularly in the first decade of the millennium mostly was based on buying US-government loans – 
US-sociologist Mike Davis speaks of a „perverse dependency that ties that country’s growth to an American trade deficit“ 

you might even say, that in this first decade of the 21st century the US were the world’s biggest debtor and China was the biggest truster.

This “highly delicate correlation” then in the moment of the bubble starting to burst and breaking into more and more pieces also was “safeguarded” by the increasing presence of US-military and naval units in the whole Pacific space – actually by far the highest since WW 2.
Initially nobody really knew to say, whether the bubble’s burst might cause a hard or a soft landing. That way these “discrete measurements” of the US for “controlling and surveying” the partner and opponent in the struggle for “global leadership” also resulted into a speed-up in assimilation – particularly in terms of economic wealth and its distribution:
The PRC still having “communism” as the leading constitutional target in their agenda now hosts more billionaires than the US.


But – here again things are according to the general saying: “Never trust a balance or an information, you haven’t faked or manipulated yourself!”
The “Gini Index” displaying “the worldwide income equality” on Wikipedia recently was based upon data collected by the World Bank. The last map from 2014 showed the US, China and Russia in a pinky grey with an already alarming Gini Index between 40 and 45. Now on Wikipedia a “UN and CIA combined List” and a map from 2014 with China with an even more critical income inequality and a Gini Index already between 45 and 50 is displayed.

All scientific background information about the Gini-Index itself - fuzziness, constructive vagueness and uncertainty relations etc. have been removed.

These explanations are now on the theoretical site regarding the Gini coefficient. 


<< Neues Textfeld >>


“Old” and “new” Gini Index World Map on Wikipedia: The upper one with copyright inscription was there until March 2016 – the lower one now without copyright inscription and Wikipedia displaying a “UN and CIA combined List”



The whole information was divided. More clearly laid-out and that way also more “transparent” the whole thing definitely didn’t become at all.

On the German site of the “List of countries by income equality” hints towards sources – UN and CIA are missing

Are we facing some “targeted Economic and information warfare” here?

Factors for irritation and potential (mis-) information here are to be found in abundance. And – “Divide and Conquer” – particularly in times like that also means, that one might say to his or her obnoxious partner: “Just already go ahead over there to the cliff – I soon follow you!” – well knowing, that the outlet port there at the cliff’s edge has become very unsafe. In addition to that oneself significantly is contributing to creating that insecurity there at the brim of the cliff’s edge.


The US also “care so much” about China, because a “controlled crash” could have helped to sort out many existential issues in the PRC: Functionaries also from the Communist Party and its Academy of Science itself are warning since many years of the rapidly growing social gap, which now might even exceed pre-revolutionary conditions. Thus - the „class differences“ apparently already exceed those in the “feudal China” before 1949. As a centrally organized national economy could act in such a way this “care” – this “anxiety” of the US is quite reasonable. In fact – after the PRC’s ambitious 12th Five-Year-Plan with its headlines “Change – equality – internal development – green progress and development – happiness for the people” was put into force in spring 2011 many things seemed to be steered into that direction. 


Testimonies of the “Chinese Urban Revolution” at Hangzhou / Zhejiang, East China (2011). In the foreground a pagoda and 5-6 story buildings from the 1960s to 1970s. In the center 7-15 story residential units from the 1970s to 1980s – further back 11-25 story high rise apartment buildings from the 1990s and in the back 25-40 story high rise apartment and office buildings from the first decade of the 21st century.                                                                                                                                                      © Stefan Frischauf



From November 2011 to April 2012 I worked there, trying to sort out an urban planning project, where the communication between Chinese and German partners had failed. Then these attempts of maneuvering the PRC’s “urban revolution” as the precursor of economic development into a “more sustainable direction” were evident.


In April 2012 the “dismissal” of Bo Xilai happened. Bo then was Communist Party leader at Chongqing – with about 32 million inhabitants these days the world’s most populated city. A “princeling” – meaning “descendant of prominent and influential senior communist officials” , promoter of “egalitarian values” and “champion of the Chinese New Left, composed of both Maoists and social democrats disillusioned with the country's market-based economic reforms and increasing economic inequality”

Whether Bo Xilai really organized a coup or – whether his “dismissal” rather was a kind of “signal for a new complete takeover of the forces of market conformism” and – whether  and in which way that was “accompanied” by the US – we don’t know. And – it’s not that important for now.


For us here in Europe in the historical situation of 2016 / 17 some other facts and results from that are much more relevant:

  1. Both – the US as NATO – leader and last Cold-War superpower and China as leading nation of the BRICS recently had their crash – event.
  2. The “Subprime-Crisis” in the forefront of the US Presidential elections 2008 was a rather “loud event”. A real crash, which was performed and triggered for being heard and for impressing people. Responsibilities were mostly “delegated downwards”: People – thus – “media consumers” e.g. here in Germany should be made believe, that it was mostly “greedy ordinary citizens” in the US, who had caused the landslide by running into debt deeply in large quantities. The (drug) consumer had acted in a irresponsible way – the drug dealer just in some spectacular exceptional cases – that’s the image, which should prevail.
  3. The start of the breakup of the gigantic Chinese housing bubble in comparison to that was a rather “discrete event”.
    Besides of that: Unfortunately the most important thesis in human geographer David Harvey’s book “Rebel Cities: From the Right to the City to the Urban Revolution” is mostly completely ignored and because of that not generally approved or further researched also in economical history discussions:
    Every economic crisis at least since the early 20th century has a predecessor in a housing bubble.


Thus – it’s also a warning signal.

For participants – players and analysts.
In this sense the key questions here are:

  • Who’s mostly interested into hiding and suppressing these things –
    and their potential impacts – also on us here?
  • What does that tell us about further procedures – the ongoing “strategy”, we have to expect? And particularly –
  • How can we start to develop a strategy of our own here on the “Old Continent” with all its different humans and peoples – their fears – their anxieties – their good and bad memories – their hopes and delusions – our wishes and prayers for a safe and peaceful future for us and our children?









6. – Glimpses of Hope and “jubilee Years”? 


“We must not be afraid to say the truth, the world is at war because it has lost peace,” – Pope Francis recently said.


In a video message the Jesuit Brother from Argentina continued:

“When I speak of war I speak of wars over interests, money, resources – not religion. All religions want peace, it’s the others who want war …

This is war. There was a war of 1914. Then that of 1939-45. Another Great War. Then there is this one. It is maybe not organic. It is organized, yes, but not organic. But it is a war, …
To be clear, when I speak about war, I speak about real war. Not a war of religion. There is a war of interests. There is a war for money. There is a war for natural resources. There is a war for domination of peoples.”


The Holy Father of the Roman Catholic Church speaks out, what many political and religious leaders and the media particularly in the West still try to hide:

  • World War 3 is already going on.
  • When it started is hard to tell.
  • But – the narration – and continuation of the writing of history will soon tell us – or – it will give us more accurate definitions and thesis and close-ups.
  • WW 3 is a highly subtle, decentralized, chaotic and asymmetrical event.
  • A smoldering flame, which at some places sometimes quickly blazes up.
  • By acknowledging, that Pandora’s box is wide open and – that the war about domination of peoples is fought on many levels and by many means we are able to find resilient strategies for finding Peace again.
  • Religion is like many things exploited to the max. It’s all about money, power and the domination of peoples. The task then also of Religion – and their presenters – their leaders is to lead their communities to peaceful ways of understanding – of Love – of brother- and sisterhood.

Papa Francesco already declared an Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy” - a period of prayer held from the Feast of the Immaculate Conception on December 8th, 2015 to the Feast of Christ the King on November 20th, 2016.
Generally in Judaism and Christianity the concept of the Jubilee is a special year of remission of sins and universal pardon. 
Historically the biblical Jubilee is also mostly referred to a “haircut on debt”.

In Islam here particularly The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community with their motto “Love for All Hatred for None” shall be mentioned. 

Like many Sufi communities they suffer from prosecution in many places.
Most important though is, how these groups and their leaders publicly promote peaceful ways of understanding – of Love – of brother- and sisterhood.


What does that mean for “real politics” – the organization of living together in our societies these days?


The coup in Turkey recently and its consequences in that sense becomes another serious challenge – particularly for German – for European foreign policy. Erdogan’s harsh “counter coup” has to be understood also against the background of another threatening development: Turkey more and more is becoming a “front state”, which soon then is also endangered to become a “failed state”.

Erdogan and AKP building up a dictatorship is only one side of the medal.
And - the so called “refugee crisis” also urged Germany and the EU to work closer with Turkey.

The Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel needed to kowtow to the Turkish sultan. Erdogan himself more or less wanted to bomb back the Kurdish in front of his border to “Mountain Turks”. The highest German battle field tourist and Minister for Defense – former Minister for family affairs van der Leyen and many other Western allies arm the other Kurdish people beyond the Syrian-Turkish border.  
This causes a similar situation as at the Afghan – Pakistani border, the Pashtun Tribal areas. And it leads to an increasing destabilization of both countries – of the whole region. More terror attacks not only in the Western Turkish capitals Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara – and war in Eastern Anatolia – then also setting the area between Trabzon and Erzurum  at the Black Sea, Dogubayazit and Mount Ararat, Hakkari, Van, Sanli Urfa and the secret Kurdish capital Diyabakir, Kaisery and Gaziantep in the center and Mersin and Adana at the Mediterranean Sea on fire though will also have an increasing impact on Europe as a whole:

  • The Kurdish with about 30 million people are one of the biggest peoples worldwide without a state of their own. The major part of them lives in Turkey, but also in Iran, Iraq and Syria there are vast regions with Kurdish majorities.
  • Of course – many Kurdish are also living in exile. About 800 thousands of the around 4 million citizens of Turkish origin living in Germany are former “Mountain Turks” – an official name from dark times, when the Turkish state even denied the Kurdish their language and their cultural identity.
  • An increased destabilization of Turkey also will cause clashes between ethnic Turkish groups in Central Europe – particularly in Germany.


The unilateral tendency these days in Europe and the whole West towards isolating Turkey might even provoke these scenarios. Thus – it’s not about “understanding Erdogan” – it’s more about understanding the region and taking responsibility for sustainable solutions for the people. And – learning from former failures.

Turkey – particularly these days is a very fragile state structure.

And – can Europe – can we afford another “Balkanization” at our margins?

Hellmut Lotz also hints towards that with his appeal for
“Negotiating with a sovereign Turkey”.






The premises for negotiations though are the key:
The oxymoron “Neoliberalism” has caused a worrisome vacuum of ethical values – also in the “Western World” – the former “First World”. Where everything is “free” and everyone is taught to fight for his or her position amongst a sum of other “free individuals” universal ethical values ruling living together of communities – of families – of different people at any place are highly endangered.
“Market conformism” instead as the last phase of the rulership of “free markets” is triggering its antithesis. Pretending to have a certain “monopole on freedom” or even to “own freedom” – not questioning any more the value “freedom” that way might cause just the opposite: a decline not only of the value “freedom” itself but also of many other values related to us as humans and our ways of living together. Related to us as parts – as integrative elements of a social structure – a body, we’re living in. Thus – the decline also of basic human rights, we that way let happen.

We’re facing the three ideals of the French Revolution as core principles of Western democracies following “The Age of Enlightenment” in a reality check shifting to “twilight zones”:

The “laissez faire principle” of the “invisible hand” has moved us to a turning point, where conformism is abolishing any values of a “democratic society” – first of all – individual – and collective Freedom.

And – here in the former “First World” like at most other places still many citizens believe, that we are just “the good ones” and “the others” are just the “bad ones”.
Thus – a change of paradigm with “us here” and “the others there” as equivalent partners – as really materialized and ideally intuitively sensed “objects” is essential. This doesn’t mean a “denial of identity” – it shall rather result in a gain of sovereignty and a surplus of resilience. The resilience of the collective as a sum of individuals, who share their individual contribution to a common effort – the effort of (re-) building a community – a safe place for individuals and families for living – for being – for learning from each other – and together.

Education in the sense of “being open-minded” is the key to (re-) building a democratic society in a state safeguarding security of its members.
the key to (re-) building Europe.

the key to  laying out the foundation for a neW European House.


And - the key to negotiating with oligarchies and dictatorships.
The glasshouse principle – sitting in there and throwing rocks at the others outside never is a good starting point. As we are presumably on our way back to sometime before “enlightenment” – how can we pretend to “teach others” about the values, we’re currently scarifying – suppressing and leaving behind?


It’s also not about “understanding Putin”.
Both – Turkey and Russia are extremely fragile state structures laying continuously in the cross fire – in the firing line.
As Margaret Thatcher recommended to Ronald Reagan in a BBC interview in 1984:
„I like Mr. Gorbachev. We can do business together“ 

- in the retrospective you – and perhaps even the last leader of the Soviet Union himself might say today, that the careful and humanist communist reformer at the “Treaty on the Final Settlement With Respect to Germany” in 1990  
was hornswoggled and taken to the cleaners in a way, that he mixed up the love and security he sensed during the negotiations with his Western partners with the frictional heat while being hornswoggled and taken to the cleaners by his counterparts.


“Divide and Conquer” – the extension of EU and NATO towards the East - towards Russia soon then – 2014 the “Ukraine crisis” and Western infiltration into that – MH 17  - a lot of (Dis-) Integration + (Mis-) Information = Irritation x  + (Dis-) orientation x  = Terrorism (?) is visible in Western policy and (secret) diplomacy with Russia – particularly in the last 15 years.
It has become a global principle.


This is also underlined, when highly influential “US – think tanks” like Stratfor  - their founder and director George Friedman even publicly declare, that “the US primary interest, why they are going to war since more than a century – WW 1 and WW 2 and Cold War was the relationship between Germany and Russia, because united these two were the only power to endanger the US. And their main interest always has been to prevent that union. 


German authorities and the media still try to deny the ongoing extension of the combat zone. But – this is becoming more and more evident.

Recently the foreign minister finally stigmatized the maneuvers at the Eastern borders of NATO in the Baltic States and Poland as “saber rattling” and that way broke out of the phalanx, which continuously condemns “anything coming from the East”. In the end though it was high time for that.
Also – because this fear of “anything coming from the East” has been exploited by NATO for its extension – actually playing with the “collective memory” particularly of the Baltic States and Poland and other former Warsaw Pact States. Another decisive factor now preventing progresses in the EU facing – and sorting out the “refugee crisis”. And – preventing a common effort – coming to better agreements.
And also, because Russia had to pay by far the highest blood shed in WW 2.


A “European narration” – a European integration process without fair negotiations with the Russian partners is impossible.  


For the older “demographic majority” in Germany the “W-word” is taboo. War cannot and must not be. But Pandora’s box is wide open.
The war, which in its financial terms also contains the meltdown of our old-age insurance that way cannot be kept far away from Germany for too long any more.


Ultimately latest since 2001 we are in a permanent more or less distinctive deflation crisis. And – in economic history deflation has always been the phase with the most wars taking place.             


Germany that way also increasingly is endangered to become a “battlefield for more or less undercover performed actions by the multiple conflicting parties”. Under the given circumstances the civil society as a whole that way will get deteriorated. Because according to “late Roman decadency” and the “divide and conquer” modus those groups will be played off against each other – and Germans against “foreigners” – immigrants, refugees, Muslims as well.


Ultimately according to the media’s “(Dis-) Integration + (Mis-) Information = Irritation x  + (Dis-) orientation x  = Terrorism (?)” campaigns leading to an increasing “collective Alzheimer infestation” German acts of war and failures of “reactionary – German redneck policy”, which apparently have made that situation inevitable cannot be picked out as a central theme.
Particularly elderly citizens are completely overloaded with that.


To say it again – also summing up Pope Francis’ words again - WW 3 is a highly subtle, decentralized, chaotic and asymmetrical event.

A smoldering flame, which at some places sometimes quickly blazes up.


We’re still able to extinguish the flame, before it comes to more flash-overs also in good old Europe.
But – then we have to act now – not tomorrow.










7. Strategies and Perspectives - Towards founding
Corner Posts for Building a New (european) House


“Who wants, that the world stays the way it is, doesn’t want it to stay,”
Status Quo in Times of Nuclear Arms Race

Short poem by Erich Fried from the late 1970s / early 1980s.
Also found as a graffiti once then on the Berlin Wall at Neukölln.  



“The people were running away from the political leadership of the Warsaw Pact States” – many historians said after the end of the Cold War and the implosion of the Eastern side behind the “Iron Curtain” in 1989.


Today many people particularly in the earth’s Southern hemisphere are running away from war, land grabbing and environmental disasters and economic hardship, caused by all that. They also try to escape from incapable governments – often cruel dictatorships – particularly in the “Muslim World”. And – at the end of their escape most of them find themselves once more trapped: this time between the hammer of a mostly completely messed up Western bureaucracy imprisoning its citizens in “frantic stagnation” and the ambos of societies, which encounter them as “immigrants” and “refugees” with increasing hostility and lack of understanding, making them feel more and more alienated at their “place of refuge”. And they also are confronted with a lot of fear and insecurity, they actually wanted to leave behind.


A bit more than just one generation after the collapse of the Post WW 2 world order many people in the earth’s Northern hemisphere are feeling deluded from broken promises of a “free and prosperous life”. They mostly stay, where they are, because they mostly just don’t know, where to go to. That way they often escape into a kind of “inner emigration” from public life – from society – from politics. Peevish “non-voters” are helping to deliver the political stage to technocrats, who more and more loose all kind of relationship to their “potential clients”.
Now the number of “protest voters” rises enormously. People vote for “populists” – right-wing parties, who promise quick – and often also “harsh and more or less violent solutions”.

Many find themselves trapped between the hammer of a completely messed up bureaucracy apparently over-regulating particularly their basic needs regarding security, health care etc. and the ambos of so called “Post-democracy”, apparently only serving and feeding the rich – increasingly leaving the poor – the “middle of society” – thus – the “middle class” as foundation of a “collective of citizens organized according to democratic principles” everywhere behind.

Are these citizens “seduced by populists” or “deluded by the establishment” and – isn’t the rise of “populist” – nationalist and “post-democratic” – mostly fascist movements and parties a serious challenge, “progressive players” left of the center – in a “green-red spectrum” have much too long neglected or even ignored?
With other words – isn’t it high time to finally move and act for us?


“Doing good labor means being curious, researching and learning from ambiguities”

- as a US-sociologist - Richard Sennett describes the “good Craftsman’s work”.
Without any alternatives – any answers left of the center in global as much as in local scale Harvard urban economist Edward Glaeser’s “Triumph of the City: How Our Greatest Invention Makes Us Richer, Smarter, Greener, Healthier, and Happier” 
in a world, where more and more people are living in cities will rather lead us to
LA based urban sociologist Mike Davis’ “Planet of Slums“.
Proposals for strategies towards a sustainable (re-) organization of urban and regional environments – thus – living spaces and our livelihood within that require joint “red and green” efforts. No other way. “Energy transition” – exit from nuclear and fossil-fuel energy – change and (re-) building cities and grids to renewables without social change cannot work.


With 173 m the world’s highest and most expensive “single family house” - the high rise of the Indian industrial magnate Ambani at Bombay / Mumbai here in the background – an older investment ruin marked by the Monsoon rain in the South of the Indian “economical metropolis” in the foreground.                                                                                                                © Stefan Frischauf



7.1 Global Haircut on Debt and Ways Towards that and How to Move on Then

Only by a global haircut on debt we might be able to sort out the many faults happening within the rebuilding of a lately unipolar towards a rather multipolar World order. Distortions, which also impact Germany in quite a massive way.
Therefore tough and hard negotiations especially with the US and with China as leading nation of the BRICS are required –
at eye level.

This goes with a “new- formation” of the global monetary system. And the construction of mechanisms for control and regulation – and the equivalent institutions, monitoring and ensuring that shall go with it.


But – how to get there?

When according to Graham Harman’s “Quadruple Object” “the phenomenal world is not just an idealistic place of refuge against the attacks of a harsh and cruel reality but an active seismic zone, where intentional objects slowly rub themselves against their own qualities” – what does that mean for “the metaphysics of crumbling pulverized high risers”? 

Thus – real objects acting as supplementary objects to aircraft carriers and the sensual object of the “invisible hand”, that make houses in NYC and DC and other things fall into pieces? With the splintered pulverized debris – molten steel, cardboard, gypsum, paper and other objects – “stuff and junk” immediately after that collected and shipped to China?

Thus – currently 2608 architects and engineers registered in the US and 21.147 international supporters from these professions share the mission for “research, compile and disseminate scientific information about the destruction of all 3 World Trade Skyscrapers”. “Architects and engineers for 911 truth” are pushing forward things in a common effort with many other organizations and individuals from the civil society like “Firefighters for 911 truth”, but also scholars, US- (and global) citizens from the military, intelligence, government, aviation, medical and Family members of victims for urging for a “New investigation at the US Supreme Court concerning the events from September 11th, 2001”. 
At last year’s annual meeting of the AIA – the National professional association of architects in the US a resolution asking the AIA for support just got 3.6 % of votes and intense and aggressive refusal. In May 2016 at this year’s annual meeting of the AIA a revised resolution got 11 % of support and the whole discussion was much more friendly and serious.

And – in May 2012 already “George W Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and their legal advisers Alberto Gonzales, David Addington, William Haynes, Jay Bybee and John Yoo were tried and found guilty of war crimes in absentia by the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission in Malaysia.”

“When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit” , the “young Dutch council communist Marinus van der Lubbe and the Reichstag Fire” ,and “In the Sea There are Crocodiles: Based on the True Story of Enaiatollah Akbari” -history always holds different lessons – but comparable patterns for us to learn – and to move forward.


"Respect is always the respect for the other one's (life) experience".
By anticipatory obedience under global and local hegemonic interests and a so called diplomacy following these rather foreign interests we – and Europe will increasingly go to rack and ruin.
Therefore Europe – therefore we should finally smartly in all modesty remember our own experiences. And – draw the right conclusions from that.


The "Global (neo-) Conservative Revolution" in year 15 of its “ultimate breakthrough” – before the area-wide transition to cheap populism and fascism becomes an “overwhelming fact” finally requires a "locally rooted, globally netWorking progressive opposition"!


Or – are the lessons from two World Wars in the 20th – and the history from the Thirty Years War in the 17th century to that all lost – all forgotten? Peter Weiss’ “Aesthetics of Resistance”, Anna Seghers “Seventh Cross” and Brecht’s message “To Those Born After” and Kant, Voltaire, Rousseau and all the many others – all unheard – forgotten?


Only when the Homo EuropaEus wakes up from his “hundred years of Sleeping Beauty” and finally once again realizes, that the heart is beating left of the center – only then we here on the “old continent” can state, that we didn’t let us be taken for fools once more we’ll have a chance.

Because - we share many more things and are much stronger here in EuropE than administrators and doormen of destroyed provincial theatres, where the last performance of “Divide and Conquer” is played in an exhausting infinite loop want to make us believe.

For achieving that though we finally need to want to think and march forward retrospectively.
Actually something easy to do.








7.2 New Formation of Social Security Systems

The “social peace” for us and our kids is another corner post.

Something, that has been built up after WW2 for preventing another landslide of Germany and “the old continent” into war and chaos.
Everything forgotten?

Or – do we really still have to care about dental prosthesis, when 50-70 per cent of us anyway at old age will dine in soup kitchens and lodge in gathering places for senior citizens? 

As legislation in the “endless slump” these days, months, years is rather slow and “austerity” and the “agenda 2010” as the unilateral administration of state welfare have become a doubtful “German export product” impoverishing more and more people not only all over Europe “new ways of approving social progress” shall be opened up: 

Different variations of “basic financial security systems” shall be tried and accompanied in parallel small scale local / regional “case studies” / “reality check attempts”. Then these temporarily and spatially determined, safeguarded “field researches” shall be evaluated and an according conversion of administration aiming at quorate and competent institutions on the different levels of the union, the Federal States and communities can be effected. 

Models of that kind shall also be elaborated and accompanied by local governors in other EU-countries – adapted to cultural conditions and traditions – according to the “collective memory” of the people on the ground there.  
Many different systems of incentives and rewards – for example competitions regarding the capacities of language and trade skills in the border regions of EU countries will make it easier to gain that +, the gain and more in addition to the basic financial security.
Anyone according to their own capacities, abilities and interests.  


<< Neues Textfeld >>


Estimated linear development of the “Gini Index World Map on Wikipedia” – focus on Europe, Near and Middle East with Canada and the US at the Western, Russia, China and India at the Eastern margins  - based on “UN and CIA combined List”



In consideration of “German perfection” also regarding “hairdressing or better manipulating statistics in accordance with the rule of law” following the motto: “Never trust any statistics, you haven’t faked yourself - here “on behalf of the legal state” it also might be possible, that Germany already in 2014, when the original World Bank map was edited (in 5.1 here) also wasn’t going for green that clearly. Particularly when even the first channel of state TV belies politicians of all parties regarding “statistical and real unemployment rates”. The true slope in poverty and income equality might meanwhile show more drastic impacts, because generally at the great majority of the 5 mio. people with “unemployment money 2” listed in the “Tagesschau Video”, after two to three years doesn’t have any assets – also “ private retirement provisions” any more. It might be a realistic estimation, that around 10 – 12 % of Germany’s population are “really unemployed”.


At Kabul, where I worked in a British-American “NGO” with a much too young and too little experienced management there were many moments, when because of the complexity of “my pilot project for urban and rural spaces” I needed to “take the pressure of myself” in consideration of the lack of support by that management for still being able to somehow continue my work – or – even for “saving” the project. Once then I shocked those young people, who apparently were that overloaded with my requirements and my operation methods with the phrase: “What do you think? We Germans always have been the most accurate ones – as Nazis we’ve been the most cruel fascists, as Stasi-spies we’ve been the straightest hard liners of cadre communism and also as Neoliberals we’re once more the best ones!”


In my weirdest and darkest nightmares I would never have imagined it to go that far – that we might arrive as far as we are now.
“Thinking of Germany in the early morning
plaguing me and giving me too miserable mourning” -
you want to say shaking your head with recourse to Heinrich Heine.
It wasn’t at all in vain, that the first book, I wanted to edit after my return from the Hindu Kush in November 2010 was called
“Kabul, a Winter’s Fairy Tale“.     

“Reports of a “rebuilding aide” from the Hindu Kush –
ZEIT-online Community articles of the user Aflaton from Afghanistan and –
how Germany thwarts itself” is written there in the subtitle.

The fact, that this book – as the following ones didn’t get published here is even more evident than with the others – as soon in the medias’ “(Dis-) Integration + (Mis-) Information = Irritation x  + (Dis-) orientation x campaigns” the consensus was, that the Afghans were just too silly for “our (market conform way of) democracy”. And – this “perception for clarifying the question of guilt for the Western failure in Afghanistan” has made its way everywhere in the “Divide and Conquer brainwash machine”.
From the “right” at (neo-) conservatives and (neo-) liberals there wasn’t to expect too much anyway, but also from the “Left from the red-green spectrum” you mostly hear the patriarchal  wisdom, that you cannot transfer our democracy everywhere that easily and – that all everyone always has failed at the Hindu Kush – as if it was ever about that with “Western missions” and “Nation Building etc.“. And – about what democracy was it all about?

Who is exposed to that subtle forms of indoctrination and is underlying them soon without noticing that is definitely trapped in a serious “identity crisis”.


Also from the first country, which with its “Brexit“ wanted to leave the EU - the UK as “Motherland of (the oxymoron) Neoliberalism“ there are alarming data coming now: “No one will ever know the real cost and the real amount of damage of these policies” - says Will Denayer in an article regarding „Austerity and the stagnating wages for 70 % in the developed world“ and also mentions a study, already forecasting for 2020, that then 50 % of the children in the UK will live in poverty.

Regarding the Southern European “crisis countries” – Greece, Spain, Portugal – but also Italy and France – actually regarding all European countries there might not yet be available any studies regarding that. Also family structures there are completely different than in the UK. Nevertheless – not only regarding the suburban agglomerations and sprawls from Bucharest to Warsaw, from Thessaloniki to Athens, from Torino to Palermo, from Paris to Marseille, from Barcelona to Madrid and Porto to Lisbon these prognoses might not be much more optimistic at all.
A “European identity crisis”.







7.3 Integration and Rebuilding

“Helping people to help themselves at the place of origin of refugees” and – “Change through rapprochement and sustainable trade 2.0” shall also gain a much bigger importance as headliners for a new German – and soon also European foreign policy. Another corner post.


Schools for International and Inter-Cultural Development Collaboration S I n I C C o l shall be founded. Therein “the city and the region in their development” – the city as living space of more than half of the human species - between architecture and engineering sciences, sociology, (macro-) economics and ecology, applied and economical geography, ethnology and justice – (cultural) history of humanity and the narrations of our ways of housing shall be the object of pragmatic research.

In short – City research, also looking for a dialogue with Climate research.

Humans here at these “Schools for International and Inter-Cultural Development Collaboration S I n I C C o l” shall receive the “ammunition” – the education, which enables them to decide deliberately, whether they wanted to stay here or – whether they wanted to return to their homelands and as the case may be wanted to rebuild their country also together with us.


Integration – training and collaboration of the people down to earth from the beginning there is the highest art – the art also of balancing interests, which are represented with different amounts of power.  

Trading of goods – if it were water pipes or assembly parts for low-tech treatment plants – training of operation and maintenance teams on site – all that also has positive effects on our job markets – on the Northern hemisphere.


Besides that – empirically also birth rates go down, when humans experience more security in their living conditions and receive more offers for participation and sharing and aren’t continuously exposed to economic and ecologic faulting – tribal and clan struggles up to (civil) war. Humans, who receive free access to education facilities for themselves and their children and who are enabled to take their fates into their own hands within the scope of the community and meanwhile also experience respect and honor of their culture – their traditions – their “collective memory” aren’t that prone any more to hollow ideologies spread by hookers, who exploit religion, nation or clan affiliation in the most arbitrary way.

The so called “refugee crisis” actually also is something like a “litmus test” for “European integration” against the background of the “clash of civilizations”.
Only when we’re able to find ways for ending that and for better dealing and negotiating Europe really has a chance.


The splitting wedge the former US secretary for defense Rumsfeld drove between “old” and “new Europe“ in the run-up to the attacks on Iraq 2003 – it showed up again with the creation of the “refugee crisis” in 2015:

  • For most of the Eastern European younger EU and soon then also NATO member states “everything coming from the East” has latest since Genghis Khan always been a serious threat.
  • The fact, that Europe fuels the situation, Pope Francis recently named World War 3 massively logistically and directly by its national military forces but not one government shares the Pope’s clear words though shows the huge amount of “lack of responsibility” in a “global proxy war” now coming closer to Europe itself.
  • Latest the “NATO-mission” in Libya in spring 2011, which was most significantly pushed forward particularly by the former French Prime Minister Sarkozy closing of ranks with the former US secretary of state Hillary Rodham Clinton displays obvious cracks in the “French-German common destiny” in “old Europe“.
  • All states of “new Europe“, which in 2003 still were part of the US lead “coalition of the willing” cannot stand a new “Balkanization” of their region in the course of the continuous procrastination of the “euro crisis” particularly after 2010 by Brussels and Berlin – but also by Paris.
  • Insofar everywhere there as a logical consequence more or less nationalistic governments were voted by the peoples. This also means even harder times for ethnic minorities in these countries as before.
  • Following the unique “priority of the military” in the “clash of civilizations” proclaimed by the US a “Europe of two different speeds” declared by “moderate powers” could only result in thwarting itself completely some day.
  • The evil game with “hammer and ambos” already described here several times – in late summer 2015 also the refugees on the “Balkan track” found themselves in there.
  • The complete lack of (diplomatic) visions for a “united Europe, tackling the different grades of development” here avenges itself. Subordination under more or less aggressive US- and NATO-policy in the Near East destabilizes and destroys in the long run also Europe as a whole. 


Thus we also need concepts and ideas for replacing the “priority of the military” in “conflict management” with “smart kinds of collaboration at common development targets” in the civil sector.

Proposals for that were represented and further elaborated here.

The threat of an increasing “Balkanization of Europe” can only be encountered with accurately defined targets for collaboration in the course of a courageous and determined change of politics, which needs to be well planned and implemented in a flexible way.

Since my return from Afghanistan in summer 2010 I’m talking about the threat of an “Afghanization of Europe”. The “Balkanization” of the “old continent” goes along with that. Also players calling themselves “progressive” or “left” mostly encounter these fatal developments with “cognitive dissonance” – suppression and complete ignorance.


States and societies in Southern and particularly Eastern Europe traditionally are strongly embossed in an oligarchic and patriarchal way. A feature, that has been invigorated in the generation of “neoliberalism“, which actually also has the tendency to become “neo-feudalism”.


Social democratic concepts for a “new united Europe” strengthening also the multiple regions with their multiple peoples – countries and regions, which currently are rather ruled by “a strong hand” in collaboration with an “invisible hand” need to push forward strong and integrative concepts and programs for rebuilding and refurbishing our places and their infrastructures in a smart way.
Job offensives for everyone are a core point in the course of these programs.

Moralizing about “democracy deficits” and lack of solidarity or even lack of “humanism” or other things, as Germans like to do it doesn’t help at all. It’s rather counterproductive.
The “refugee crisis” must not cause more people to be played off against each others – particularly of workers, wherever they come from in Europe at all.   

Also in Kabul at the end of 2009 I’ve been the first employee of a “Non Governmental Organization (NGO)“, who in the course of a “regeneration and rebuilding project” searched the collaboration with the local fire brigade as the most important organization for civil protection everywhere in the world.
Unfortunately so far with the “priority of the military” it wasn’t about “regeneration and rebuilding” at all.
But it should be about it primarily from now on.






7.4 Climate Change, “Energy transition” and Adaption to Local Conditions

Regarding ways for finally tackling the accelerated climate change sufficiency and efficiency shall complement one another in measurements for creating safety for and with humans here as much as on the Southern hemisphere.

“Energy transition” and its adaption to local and regional climatic and cultural conditions – but also the multiple possibilities of “Change through trade” going with that that way can be carried out much quicker and in a more efficient manner. As one of the key aspects of national and of private business encouraged and subsidized by the state in international and inter-cultural flow of trade that way also a “sustainable investment policy” geared to human and environmental needs shall emerge.


Also here it’s all about extending the look limited by “cognitive dissonance” mostly promoted in Germany and Central Europe towards the bigger picture.

The look, facing “the other one” in the most subtle and competitive way against the background of the “clash of civilizations”, which finally shall be finished soon.


The prognoses, that the wars in the 21st century will be about the resource water – these prognoses and prophecies are already valid for current wars in this sense.

In the course though of hierarchic levels, where these wars are fought it actually can be said, that on the upper level it’s always about geostrategic factors – wealth and gains of power for the leading parties of warfare and the according grip on resources – participation in deals with limited resources in the war zone. And – arms trade also reveals an important field for creating rapidly gained superficially assumed security - and quick profits on this upper level.

In the middle it’s about smaller profit margins – also in resources and arms trade – but also in other profitable business areas between the front lines. Land ownership and water supply – and shortage of those display essential factors for gaining influence on the situation.

On the lowest level it’s always about land property – and about water nourishing the own clod. Water, which mostly is stored at other places and that way makes masses of subsistent peasants and fishermen become “economic and climate refugees” – also in the belts in and around megacities drying out – the “global cities of the South”. That way the spiral of war keeps turning around.


These spirals, I’ve described and analyzed in six, soon seven so far unpublished books – thus – from a “market conformist human capital point of view” some “wish-wash without any value“ – they finally need to be ruptured.

For doing that you also have to call things by their name – the way, Pope Francis did it recently.
And you have to sweep in front of your own door – not always pointing with the fingers on others. That’s not easy. But it’s possible.


People aren’t any “human capital” - the way it’s said always more unashamedly in the “market conformist”, pre fascist (final) phase of “neoliberalism”.

In addition to that – also according to this definition – the formula standing in the subtitle here:
(Dis-) Integration    +         (Mis-) Information   =

Irritation x                     +         (Dis-) orientation x   =  it goes on into deeper and deeper abysses.
The destabilization and soon the splintering of Europe – creeping decline until war and destruction – all that is evitable.
What Karl Marx has called the “industrial reserve army” –
it needs to be joined with the “armies of the precarious” and the “academically over qualified” unemployed people.
Because it’s our common interest to build up our own share of progress. There’s a lot of work to do – we just finally need to organize it for everyone benefitting in a more programmatic way. And – for a future also for our children and generations to come on our planet earth.








7.5 Further Conclusions -  War and Peace 1

The illusionist's dilemma of the "Invisible hand" ruling everything therein is the biggest obstacle. (Most) politicians and (most) economists also from the “Left” just rely on these illusions. Nobody has – or even follows up the least systematic approach towards a strategy for moving us out of the vale of tears of the continuous slump.
In a smart analysis of this situation Will Denayer states, that the European crisis after the “Brexit” represents itself as an economical and a political crisis.

Reforming national and European institutions and that way changing the power relations within the member states – it’s a hard and rocky way to go. But – as Will also quotes Jürgen Habermas: “In danger and distress the middle road leads to death. The wrong strategy will lead to disaster.”


The wrong strategy is administrating the status quo, doing business as usual – waiting for Godot or any other Messiah to come. Actually – what politics is telling us these days.

And – that’s actually, what is completely missing in most analyses these days:

Not only – but particularly referring to the “European crisis” it’s mostly about

an “ethical” – and in the context of that – an “identity crisis”.

At the end of the day it's all about humans - in the UK - in Europe and in between "more powerful stakeholders".
But - where are Social democrats these days - ducking and covering?


Also regarding his appeal “In Defence of Free Immigration” you can initially concede to Will Denayer once more.
But one thing has to be amended: though refugees might “in statistics” not “take away” jobs or houses from locals – people are deeply scared everywhere by being trapped in that somehow hidden “eternal War” and “continuous slump”.
nd that way they - we are held as dumb and deaf spectators in the ongoing performance of the “Divide and conquer” play in that dilapidated theatre. Played off against each other continuously – in the end also against ourselves letting that bad performance „without any alternatives” happen.
Thus – it’s “ordinary Joes next door” also against “immigrants” – refugees – “new arrivals”.  In the midst of the debris of a totally ruined theatre the “Four or five Corbyns”,  Will Denayer  mentions to be found in Europe have also to find agreements in how to open up the locked emergency exits.


Jeremy Corbyn, who in the „post-Brexit UK“ actually is rebuilding the classical workers’ party „Labour“ after the „neoliberal deformation“ by Blair and „New Labour“ to a progressive red-green party and that way also wants to lead the United Kingdom towards a better future – he’s a great glimpse of hope. But – it’s evident, that he needs more support on the continent.
Just the resistance by the „Blairities“ in the UK is quite remarkable.

 (Dis-) Integration   +         (Mis-) Information   =

Irritation x                     +         (Dis-) orientation x   =  business as usual,
meaning  “market-conformism” and an “administration of stagnation”,
thwarting everything, that could move and that way endanger a completely corroded system.

Most politicians are burnt-out by these permanent braking maneuvers – particularly social democrats in Germany in the “great coalition” with Conservatives. But the “Left” – and “progressives from a red-green spectrum” everywhere are in a deep crisis as well and – they also have to take their blame for the uprise of right wing or even fascist parties and movements and their corroded manipulative ideas.
Political representatives that way mirror societies trapped in blind alleys.
The infestation of a lost mind – the manifestation of the “Alzheimer-Doctrine” – a suppressed “collective memory”, incapable to learn from recent failures for building a future – another “Spiegel” title after the “Munich attacks” on July 22nd, 2016 displays the whole dilemma: “Are we stronger? – How Germany can defend itself against terror” pretends, that “we’re the good ones” in a symmetric and rational conflict, we can manage without any changes particularly on our – “the good side”.

Do many journalists there in the media industry – do politicians really still believe, what they are saying and writing in public?








7.6 Further Conclusions -  Peace and War 2

The “wheel of history”, which has been stopped to turn forcefully like so often in that just in the moment, where those steering it had the biggest amount of power – it can only be moved to continue its turn by many “visible hands”.

Insofar, as the future is “just” a “small temporal window of opportunity” in our state of being pitched into the stream of events between past and presence humans always need perspectives for finding a place for themselves and their family therein and for being able to be and become somebody that way.

The dilemma of “cognitive dissonance” in the “European identity crisis” -

in a recourse on Heidegger und Husserl Graham Harman describes, that the thinking stamped by Kant as such also is itself enough. In post-heroic – deeply intimidated societies though “sensual objects” – human experiences all too often represent themselves as “act of compensation”. Thus people also now stay imprisoned in the “European identity crisis” and in their state of being pitched into being human – themselves and their tiny world. In a cosmos reduced to that they cannot find any exit from that at all. At the same time much too often as “external observers” they are underlying the false conclusion, that their subjective perception is able to get and understand the “real and sensual” object of the world, which like any other object may have qualities or may not have them (The Quadruple Object, p. 79).

We just can’t. But we’re able to start to perceive the frozen time and to continue the move of the “wheel of history” by many “visible hands”, heads, hearts and feet. And that way to find faith into us and others again.


The paradox – and the tragic of Peace also is, that it can only be achieved via war. That brings us back to the initial definition of “terror as communications strategy“.
These days, midst of August 2016 the news from the different battle fields of World War 3 are flipping over. The Armenian enclave Nagorny Breach-Karabakh , Houthi-Rebels, who do fight back from Yemen, that has been invaded by the Saudis with counter attacks into Saudi-Arabia and – the Syrian air force attacking  Kurdish separatists in the North Eastern province Al-Hasakah, while the government appeals to Arabs living there to arm themselves - – conflicts in Kashmir heating up again and again and the anxiety in neighboring South Asia - India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan to be dragged into “total war“ in Syria – or to be inflamed from there –

in Germany these are just “marginalia”.

Common Syrian and Turkish security interests – the whole dilemma of German “post-heroic behavior” stamped by continuous suppression and “cognitive dissonance” in this “global proxy war” spreading out is displayed in the message from new arms exports to the Kurdish Peshmerga in Iraq. 800 thousand Kurdish people amongst the 4 million Turks living in Germany – smart “foreign policy from German soil as global interior policy in WW 3” does look differently 


Images from a Russian video about fights in West and Southwest Aleppo remind me partly on Airport Road or another great radial trunk road – Darulaman-Road in Southwest Kabul.
MOUT – the house fights between totally ruined residential blocks, empty skeletons of reinforced concrete pillars rising up into the deceptive blue sky, even new costly “gated communities“ – islands in the ragged and partly even completely destroyed urban space – war has many faces.

Of course – you might call the Russian video a “Propaganda video”. But – you should be careful with labels like that out of reasons explained here before.
The fact, that Russian troups – against all odds just opened up a window for Peace there in the eye of the storm – in the Syrian epicenter of WW 3, which in Germany still isn’t allowed to be named like that – hopefully after the end of those terrors that will be written in history books.



bullet holes from the fights of the red army for the liberation of Berlin 1945 in the “Neues Museum“              © Stefan Frischauf




Sometimes it seems, as if we were living at some time between 1941 and 1944 and – the US are continuously musing, if they also somehow might profit from “Hitler’s idea of living space in the East”. The continuous saber rattling against Russia – lately also heritage of the “Cold-War opponent Soviet Union” finally needs to end and pathways for ending World War 3 at its many fronts have to be uncovered amongst partners.


The horror - we finally have to prepare pathways for ending that.
We here in Germany – in Europe should actually know better.
And – it’s all about reminding US-Americans and Russians – all on that – on eye level.


Me personally – I’ve just lived through, seen and sensed to many facets of war in the last years. I cannot and will not let myself be damned to keep silence. Am I sick because of that? No. And – there aren’t many humans at all, who are able and who dare answer me that question. First of all the Honorable Father of the Holy Roman Catholic Church, Pope Francis. He’s allowed to give me an answer to that question. Many other people aren’t.


When in the midst of May 2013 I returned from India and Bangladesh after half a year there to Germany, to the Rhineland I vowed to myself to travel again just in charge and with payment from here.
And – particularly travelling to Afghanistan – there’s no way of doing that without that.
A country, where it’s inevitable not to loose part of your heart, when you worked and lived there. With and for the people. But also for oneself. Of course. Because – all of that doesn’t make sense, when you don’t try to understand the break of your heart – and to find the reasons for it breaking and that way – willing it to heal.


What that means in the “EUROPEAN IDENTITITY CRISIS“ 2016 / 17  - only some few people here can measure that now.

But – there’s no other way these days.







7.7 Epilog

Europe finally needs a movement left of the center – there, where the heart is beating. A movement, which is capable to win majorities. By technocratic palaver and “black zeros”, which permanently curse Swabian housewives – with continuous market-compliant thwarting that doesn’t work.
Good work finally needs to be paid again.

And – we’ve got a damned lot to do – also, for truly uniting Europe – and for giving all those national groups a voice in a European narration.

A perspective “Heimat” means: arrive and stay.

And – security is possible – for us, those, who stayed at home -
and for new arrivals. 


Insofar – for emphasizing that again: I’m ready for all subjects – all challenges. Also as a candidate for chancellor. Because – the permanent stultification by people from all political parties, who permanently thwart everything in the most market compliant way – it’s just making more and more people sick.


My father told me to “gain experience in life” and to “get to know people”.
My mother told me about love and forgiving.


And I’ve sent 3 children into that world of false peace and false freedom.
My daughter, born in September 2001 – I already told you.

My older son was born in San Francisco in 2010. His mom – born in Tokyo in 1977 as youngest child of East-Bengali parents also holds a US-passport. As a Muslim immigrant here these days she got a kind of “Immigrant’s blues” – a certain kind of depression.
One of my grandfathers in 1945 waved US-troops into his small town and then worked on a US air base near by until he died shortly before I was born in summer 1964. Thus – I’m not at all “Anti-American”. I’m always a friend of the people – wherever they come from. But – I’m not as naïve as many politicians these days seem to be – and – want us to be.


And – just the parties’ pre-elections for the candidates in the US – whether after the withdrawal or the “forced defeat” of Bernie Sanders now Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will become US-president on November 8th, 2016 – that’s a secondary thing.
We are having completely different interests here than the US. But we like to work with trustworthy partners, who try to be fair and to learn from each other.


My smallest son was born in February 2010 in Berlin.

Not only my three children shall live in a true and dignified and free future.


You cannot always win. But – resigning before you haven’t even started you’ll always loose. And – we’re definitely in a situation, where it’s worth fighting.


As once more Will Denayer says: “What needs to happen is something that mankind never accomplished before: an enormous amount of old capital – all sort of infrastructure, old companies, which still work but do not create sufficient profit – need to be destroyed. New companies need to come to the fore with innovation producing new production methods, which raise the rate of profit. This has never been done before. For example, it was not Roosevelt who ended up the crisis in the US, it was the second world war.”

War's the “father of urban history - of urban planning”.
The "hot refurbishment” of NYC's WTC 1,2 and 7 was just a beginning.
That's our dilemma.
And - The “Einstein Dilemma” of not knowing, who will win WW 3 – but for sure knowing, that World War  4 will be fought with clubs and handaxes.

Thus - there's no other choice than "rebuilding". 
An open-heart and open-brain surgery.


Working And Fighting For Life, for Peace, for Justice –

For Freedom, brother- and sisterhood and equal Rights for Anyone.
For Love.


(August 9th  / 20th , 2016)