Targets (first draft of a + Synthesis from the 37+ Theses) -

“Four Corner Posts for Building a New European house”




Four corner posts for the new construction of a German – soon also a European house shall be presented here.

Four corner posts, which together with a new constitution will also help us to overcome the permanent crisis and for inventing us anew.




1. So far the house, where we live in is rather a shaky table. And – many like to saw at the one central table leg.
There’s no money for taking care for the roots of the only table leg – or it just disappears in Panama or other Bermuda-Triangles.

Only by a global haircut on debt we might be able to sort out the many faults happening within the rebuilding of a lately unipolar towards a rather multipolar World order. Distortions, which also impact Germany in quite a massive way.
Therefor tough and hard negotiations especially with the US and with China as leading nation of the BRICS are required – at eye level.

     Tough – hard - but target-oriented. The observation, that the US-constitution was founded on the barrel of a gun is also reported by smart friends of mine from there. And the fact, that people in China generally don’t fear anything less than being beaten up once again as losers by the West – as it always had happened after the Opium Wars also should be deeply internalized by us.
“Confucian Ethics” and the “American Dream” form significantly the “collective memory” – the pride of 99 + 1% of people there.

     And - particularly for Germany and Europe, which are located “between the fronts” and are endangered to be pulverized this is vitally important.


This global haircut on debt will then be lead to a reform – better - a “new- formation” of the global monetary system. And the construction of mechanisms for control and regulation – and the equivalent institutions, monitoring and ensuring that shall go with it.


Negotiations about that are scheduled on about two years – starting with the elections to the Bundestag in autumn 2017.

     Also big banks will be checked and – in case of bad – or even criminal practices in giving credits etc. they also shall be dissolved or broken up.  


     Latest then in spring 2020 these subjects shall be constituted and competent organizations according to international and inter-cultural law can be built up. 




2. The “social peace” for us and our kids is the second table leg.

Something, that has been built up after WW2 for preventing another landslide of Germany and “the old continent” into war and chaos.

     Social security legislation in Germany finally needs to be adapted to the nowadays requirements.
Here it’s also not about a “reform”, but rather about a “new- formation”.


     With global market regulations, which primarily are geared to possibilities for development of particular regional market economies the pressure of competition on old-age pension systems also decreases.
Good and honest – forward-looking and that way “sustainable” labor in service of the community finally shall be rewarded again. Also particularly looking at the well-deserved retirement – at old age. That’s true for the street-sweeper and garbage collector, the craftsman and –woman as much as for the nurse, the lawyer and the physician and the teacher at any kind of school.
Single moms and dads – parents per se shall be mentioned here again with a special emphasis. 


     A “Universal Basic Income (UBI)” is there up for debate as much as other forms of “minimum collateral”, which opens up chances for a safe stay, education and possibilities for a further progressing to humans – citizens at their respective place and their families.


     2018 / 19 then different variations of “basic financial security systems” shall be tried and accompanied in parallel small scale local / regional “case studies” / “reality check attempts”.
Latest in spring 2020 these temporarily and spatially determined, safeguarded “field researches” shall be evaluated and an according conversion of administration aiming at quorate and competent institutions on the different levels of the union, the Federal States and communities can be effected.   


     That way WE’re able to initiate an open development of society.


     Models of that kind will also be elaborated and accompanied by local governors in other EU-countries – adapted to cultural conditions and traditions – according to the “collective memory” of the people on the ground there.  
Many different systems of incentives and rewards – for example competitions regarding the capacities of language and trade skills in the border regions of EU countries will make it easier to gain that +, the gain and more in addition to the basic financial security / the UBI for those, who really want that. Anyone according to their own capacities, abilities and interests.  




3. The refugees and – “strangers to German cultural identity” are fanning quick tempers against the background of the “clash of civilizations”.
“Helping people to help themselves at the place of origin of refugees”
and – “Change through rapprochement and sustainable trade 2.0” will be the headlines for dealing with countries on the Southern hemisphere of our planet – so called “developing countries”. It will be the headline for German - soon also for European foreign policy as a whole.

Also here in communication – in exchange with these partners an accurate consideration of local and regional conditions and traditions - the “collective memory” of the people on the ground there is appropriately necessary. In the course of calm trust building this will be lead to an intensive exchange of experiences at eye level, which soon then also reveals multiple evidently sustainable profit opportunities. 

Also here it’s mostly about “demand-oriented and sustainable possibilities for development” – and the flow of trade building on that as well.


One essential thing at many places is the speed of development from mostly agrarian forms of earning and subsistence economies to industrialized – and that way much more urban ways of earnings – thus rather hired and wage labor. Besides of enormous social faulting with super rich oligarchies coming up and increase of impoverishment in megacities – in huge “village-like agglomerations on urban ground” – called “slums” or “favelas” these quick developments have also caused enormous local destructions of nature and culture. Of course - these environMENTAL destructions also decisively impact living conditions – and the individual safety of people and their families, who are increasingly lacking protection in being at the mercy of these restraints.  


Water and land – and the access to both – the right to share both therein are the core subjects, where for example by composition of cadastral land register systems organized in a participatory way – and installation of  water circulation – “sustainable urban and rural water management systems” with mostly decentralized, neighborhood based character more security is given to citizens and their families.

Integration – training and collaboration of the people down to earth from the beginning there is the highest art – the art also of balancing interests, which are represented with different amounts of power.  

Trading of goods – if it were water pipes or assembly parts for low-tech treatment plants – training of operation and maintenance teams on site – all that also has positive effects on our job markets – on the Northern hemisphere.


Besides that – empirically also birth rates go down, when humans experience more security in their living conditions and receive more offers for participation and sharing and aren’t continuously exposed to economic and ecologic faulting – tribal and clan struggles up to (civil) war. Humans, who receive free access to education facilities for themselves and their children and who are enabled to take their fates into their own hands within the scope of the community and meanwhile also experience respect and honor of their culture – their traditions – their “collective memory” aren’t that prone any more to hollow ideologies spread by hookers, who exploit religion, nation or clan affiliation in the most arbitrary way.


The foundation of “Schools for International and Inter-Cultural Development Collaboration” in this country and round here is going to be forced particularly after the elections for the German Bundestag in autumn 2017. Already during the two following years projects for “helping people to help themselves at the place of origin of refugees” are developed as “case studies” / “reality check attempts” and are leading to new ways of international and inter-cultural development collaboration.  


Latest in autumn 2020 then the first graduates leave these schools and competent bodies and trade organizations for international and inter-cultural development collaboration are being built up.





4. Once upon a time the world was divided into the first, second and third world. Today we talk about “developed” and “developing nations”. 

An improvement of living conditions for many – for all humans on our blue planet also brings hierarchies of needs and values – and that way also investment targets significantly into a new order.
We can fight local environmental destruction quite well in the sense of “Change through rapprochement and sustainable trade 2.0”. Local environmental destruction, which ultimately also significantly contributes to the acceleration of global changes of the climate.
The fact, that we that way also approach decisive reasons of wars and escape – water and ground – deprivation and destruction and create sustainable options for reconciliation is also a favored side effect.       


     The accelerated climate change – recent speed-up of the depletion of resources – the fast industrialization and urbanization at many places particularly in the very diverse countries of the BRICS – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa – but also in many so called “developing nations” make the focus on this subject in the international and inter-cultural context indispensable. Particularly the world’s most populous countries – India and China are facing gigantic faulting.


     The climate – like the water in our rivers and lakes and oceans doesn’t know any national or tribal borders. Insofar it concerns all of us, how we really act there. It’s our responsibility for creation – for the living space of man and creature – and our children on a planet, for that we won’t find any replacement that easily.


     Also with the focus on “climate adaption” at many places and fighting the consequences of climate change globally it’s primarily all about synergies and about exchange of experience in the framework of the development of different forms of collaboration on all levels. 


Sufficiency and efficiency there complement one another in measurements for creating safety for and with humans here as much as there.    

“Energy transition” and its adaption to local and regional climatic and cultural conditions – but also the multiple possibilities of “Change through trade” going with that that way can be carried out much quicker and in a more efficient manner. As one of the key aspects of national and of private business encouraged and subsidized by the state in international and inter-cultural flow of trade that way also a “sustainable investment policy” geared to human and environmental needs emerges.


Already soon after the elections for the German Bundestag in autumn 2017 target-settings are elaborated together with leading climate research and futurists’ institutes. These are later then continuously adjusted according to the multiple measuring data.  

Latest in spring 2020 then also the first medium and long term action programs for speeding up the national “energy transition” – thus – the change to renewable energy supply are implemented.

Parallel to that recommendations for international and inter-cultural programs for the protection of the climate based on these programs are permanently updated. In the dialogue with European and Transatlantic partners and the BRICS – but also particularly for example with the Northern African Maghreb states these programs are transferred into the according action and trade programs.    




Therefor we have to overcome our fears and to jump over our own shadow. One small step for a single human –
a giant leap for all of us.


Because – once more to tell the truth – in German - “to speak out with the hand on your heart” – by the way – the most important gesture for greeting the other in Afghanistan, one of the many countries on earth, where people welcome the guest with their heart on the palm of their hand - of course - the word war here in Germany is a taboo – particularly for the demographic majority, who partly also had to experience that.
The more important, that we now come along with these stories – and get out of some others.  


"Respect is always the respect for the other one's (life) experience".
By anticipatory obedience under global and local hegemonic interests and a so called diplomacy following these rather foreign interests we – and Europe will increasingly go to rack and ruin.
Therefor Europe – therefor we should finally smartly in all modesty remember our own experiences. And – draw the right conclusions from that.


Thank you.




Also the idea of “direct democracy” can be revived by “direct candidates” running for parliament.

Premise therefor is, that the German Bundestag itself really is ready for giving part of its power to the German people, as it is compelled to according to Art 20 German Basic Law (!).


It’s here about activating as many as possible of the 62 million Germans, who are entitled to vote and POTENTIAL direct candidates for the elections to the Bundestag in September 2017.


  1. Who amongst the 62 million Germans, who are entitled to vote doesn’t want to represent him or herself as potential direct candidate has contact persons in the autonomous citizens’ committee of the electoral district.
  2. “In the end” there will be 299 COMMON direct candidates, who are independent from the established parties.
  3. Also you can play a part in there – with your knowledge, your professional competence and your efficiency in providing solutions and your experience of life!


Many are saying since years, that Germany isn’t really “prepared for Globalization”. Our history of the 20th century is quite rich in painful experiences.


In the sense of the “country of poets and thinkers” these shall be implemented into ambitious programmatic action. The risky, but well foreseen and evaluated “jump over our own shadow” replaces small technocratic steps around the bush, which sadly though will lead us into increasingly deeper abysses.


That way here also a ball shall be got rolling, that in the 299 electoral districts autonomous citizen committees can emerge, who develop common values and guidelines for their work.     


62 million German citizens, who are entitled to vote, voters of “old parties”, boards + voters of small and protest parties and – non-voters thus shall be named here generally as target group.


Because it’s all about our future and the future of our children – the future of Germany as our country in Europe.


And more.

In a real democracy there are always “alternatives”.

Thus – when I here “throw my hat in the ring” I also declare, that I will go until the candidate for chancellor. For that I ask for the support of many citizens – your support.


Here it’s first of all about ways – contents, which shall be brought to light – into public discussion. For sure unconventional proposals, which result from my experience and my competence. Proposals, which shall find a broader publicity at altogether about 80 million German citizens – and about 508 million EU citizens. 

Proposals, how WE soon finally shall be able to see some light at the end of the tunnel of crisis in Europe.







Stefan Frischauf is an architect and father of three children (two boys – 1 and 5 and a girl, 14 years old) at Düsseldorf.

He’s as well the founder of „ANY UPAE - ANY Urban Planners Architects and Engineers*“ – corresponding: “Any human can be a potential urban planner,

architect and engineer!”

For the elections for the German Bundestag in autumn 2017 he introduces himself as direct candidate for the electoral district 106 = “motor” of the autonomous citizens’ committee 106, Düsseldorf 1.



             (with CV for download)



Further supporters:           

Helmut Krause is an attorney for labor law at Puchheim, close to Munich.

He’s the founder of the “lateral thinkers’ forum / we take over responsibility as civil society in Germany – interactive participatory democracy” and the initiative “Common / United Direct candidates”.

He introduces himself as direct candidate for the electoral district 216 = “motor” of the autonomous citizens’ committee 216, Fürstenfeldbruck.






Alexander Jobst was co-owner and director of an advertising and promotion agency at Dresden.
Since midst 2015 he lives on a former farm in the county of Brandenburg and is busy in doing permaculture, biologic agriculture and regional self-sufficiency.


Since January 1st, 2016 he’s active as “motor” for the autonomous citizens’ committee in the electoral district 056 – "Prignitz – Ostprignitz-Ruppin – Havelland I".