Rebuilding social welfare systems etc.


How can we create new decentralized structures for reinforcing  “partnership collaboration” and responsibilities?


Also the UN meanwhile doesn’t make a difference any more between “developing countries” and the so-called “developed world”. In fact they emphasize, that there are “development goals” everywhere.
This concerns all forms of social interaction and living together against the background of the challenges of our times.

The “new-formation of cooperatives” that way is as much an instrument as the foundation of Schools and research institutes, where the basics for “international and inter-cultural development collaboration” are laid out and shall be developed further.

The competition for ideas and realization  - here for modular / industrially produced prefabricated living space is another instrument for achieving the best ideas and concepts out of many alternatives in a fair way and for that way also continue in a target-oriented direction. Other possibilities – Charette-procedures, open local designer’s workshops - perhaps also linked with a “buddy-system”, where weaker market participants shall be encouraged to collaborate with more experienced established studios should also be mentioned here.




ANY U P A E  ANY Urban Planners Architects and Engineers*  
supports, consults and accompanies projects and initiatives, which promote integration and inclusion of humans of all ethnic and social origin against the background of the “demographic change” and “crisis”, overlaying each others – particularly the so-called refugee crisis.

Therein we want to act as a moderator as much as as a catalyst, who introduces the implementation of ambitious projects and then also continues to monitor those through all development phases of planning and implementation. This concerns the dialogue with authorities and “multiplicators”, who are also “potential networking partners” as much as the integration of isolated individuals or groups and their interests into education and development processes of that kind.

Decentralization of increasingly autonomous neighborhoods, where generations and nations and cultures are brought together,

Participation in case of concepts for promoting public and private incentives and for motivating the foundation of communities and for learning by sharing experiences and

Identity, which refers to our own joints with a place – our environment are some essential keywords.


Images: City-countryside relations against the background of a new city planning in “China’s European Eastern part” – schematic sketches regarding The “new-formation of cooperatives” and “modular living space production” in a small scale settlement.