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The founder of ANY U P A E, better - the “impulse generator” of here represented “initiative projects / - procedures“ -  Stefan Frischauf, holds a Dipl. Eng. in architecture with a focus on urban planning. He also gained some professional experience as a specialist engineer for fire protection, building laws.


In 2009 / 10 he lead a “regeneration project” for part of the Old Town of the Afghan capital Kabul working for a British-American “Non-Governmental Organization”. Together with local “Senior-Engineers“ and Western consultants he also trained local teams of architects and engineers – but also unskilled laborers, who were “thirsty for knowledge” within the project work.


In the course of the most important project he joined the subjects urban planning – a cultural-historically based continuous rebuilding process, “sustainable urban water management” as a decentralized “Low-Tech pilot project“ and installation of rudimentary building laws for negotiating and mediating between strong private interests (landlords = potential “warlords”) and weak community / welfare interests.


Following that he also has lived and worked in China, India and Bangladesh.

He was born at Düsseldorf in 1964.


Here a short CV of Stefan Frischauf as a *.pdf-file for download.